​​YELLOW ABSORBENTS - Recovers Aggressive or Unknown Fluids (Chemicals)

Fact:  Just one litre of oil will contaminate a million litres of drinking water 

Spill Control

In most cases Oil Only absorbents are best used outdoors, to absorb oil based spills from water. Technically referred to as hydrophobic,  

GREY MAINTENANCE ABSORBENTS - Recovers both Oil & Water Based Fluids

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"Our absorbents really are different. We offer a wide range that are made from recycled fibres, some are made from sustainable sources and we also offer MeltBlown alternatives across our four product ranges."

Our absorbents feature high performance and uniquely innovative technology. They are available in 4 ranges, each offering different qualities and properties. Our flagship range Premier Extra, features UltraClean and MeltBlown absorbents. You should choose this range for our very best absorbents in heavy weights. Other ranges include Premier, Classic Extra and Classic.

As a general rule of thumb, if the spill has happened indoors, use a grey product to absorb both oil and water-based substances. Technically referred to as hydrophilic, 

​​​​ABBEY & Co

Just one litre of oil will contaminate a million litres of drinking water.  

WHITE OR LIGHT BLUE ABSORBENTS - Recovers Oil-Only Based Fluids

Chemical spills can be extremely hazardous and should not be cleaned up without the correct training and protective equipment.

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Email: sales@abbeyandco.co.uk