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At Abbey & Co we don’t just supply spill care products, we really do work for you.

Offering an unrivalled level of sales support and a comprehensive product range that includes high performance absorbents,. It’s what makes us different in a very competitive market place and at the same time, makes us an altogether better choice to do business with.


Our Products & Services make doing business so much easier.


Here’s a summary of Abbey & Co products and services.


Absorbents  These feature high performance and uniquely innovative technology.


Spill Kits - Available in a range of sizes to suit all sorts of spill eventualities.


Spill Response Training - Having the right equipment at hand is only half the story. We provide certified training on dealing with spills, as well as how to be legally compliant.


Secondary Containment - We’ve sourced a wide range of products that help prevent spills occurring in the first place.


24/7 Availability - Spills don’t happen to order and that’s why we’re here to help at a moment’s notice with products or advice - and we help with longer term planning.


Site Surveys - A service by experienced professionals who can steer your organisation through the complexities of spill regulations.

Storage and Containment - All part of the comprehensive offering from Abbey & Co.


On-Site Management - Abbey & Co on – site Management solutions.


One call sorts it all - That’s the type of solution we offer your business. If there’s something you’re not sure about, just give us a call.

Email : sales@abbeyandco.co.uk

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