"As you’d expect, we’ve done our homework and provide a range of kits that feature our high performance MeltBlown absorbents along with all the ancillary items needed to clean up a spill."
There are many situations where you will see the need for a permanent supply of absorbents. The Ecospill spill response kits shown on this page meet this requirement and are complete with sufficient absorbents to cope with a spill up to the size shown. Uniquely we also offer a range of a premium synthetic recycled absorbent spill response kits that help you meet environmental ISO14001 standards.

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Absorbent pillows are excellent for absorbing spills and leaking fluids in tight spaces. Absorbent pillows are typically used to catch leaks under equipment or drums, but they can also be used to skim substances off water. Available in a range of different sizes for most indoor and outdoor applications..

Where liquids need to be contained and absorbed, your best choice is one or more of these absorbent socks.  The combination of a flexible knitted outer with a 100% polypropylene fill ensures rapid absorption and superb retention. Another plus point of the knitted outer is that it easily takes up the swelling that occurs as the fill absorbs, and so hugs the floor better. The socks are colour coded and available in all three grades, maintenance, oil-only or chemical and in convenient lengths.

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We have redefined the standards for high performance booms. On land or water, absorbent booms are the ideal solution for containing large spills. Quick placement of booms keeps oil and chemical spills from polluting the environment and entering drains and our water supply system. Ecospill booms are non-linting and come with rust-proof end  rings and a sturdy rope running their length.

​Drain Covers and drum toppers maintenance, chemical and Oil-Only  

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