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Pillows are used to absorb leaks

that are too large for pads.

Typical size is 23cm x 38cm and are more frequently used in spill


Plant nappy liner sizes:

Small 685cm x 500mm

Medium 685cm x 1000mm

Large 1370cm x 2000mm

30 Litre spill kits Contain:

20 absorbent pads

2 socks

2 Hazmat bags and ties.

​Trade Wipes

All of our spill kits contain absorbents along with all the

ancillary items needed.

Just one litre of oil will contaminate one milliom liters of drinking water

Our socks have a strong outer skin

which retains the absorbent within,

extremely flexible and very strong.  

Oil only, Chemical & Maintenance

Booms are in two sixes:

13cm wide x 3m

20 cm wide x 3m

​Available in rolls, pads and split


Absorbents for body fluids 


At Abbey we offer a range of a

premium synthetic recycled

absorbent spill response kits that

help you meet environmental

ISO14001 standards.

The importance of a spill kit

cannot be emphasised enough.

Having the correct absorbents

close to hand is the key to a

successful outcome. 

It is designed to use outside in the rain and harsh conditions to provide

containment of oil and fuel spills for generators and other site machinery and

​overcomes the problem of filling with water.


​​The Plant Nappy is a better alternative to the use of drip trays under plant

machinery on site.   

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Blue poly-backed bottom

laminated spun-bond top.  

All of our absorbent pads are

​available in packs of 100 or 200.

Plant Nappy

Oil-Only Absorbent Pads.

Maintenance Pads sonic-bonded.

Available in pads and split